5 Memorial Day Recipes

La Cense Beef hotdogs on a bbq

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to dust off your grill, clear the ash from the catch pan and get your coals glowing for Memorial Day. In case you’re visiting from another country and are wondering what Memorial Day is all about, it’s a US holiday dedicated to the memory of the men and women who gave their lives protecting this nation. Since it’s a national holiday, everyone gets off work we observe it by grilling lots of meat and drinking even more beer. Here are five recipes I’ve pulled together from the archives to get your grill going.

Green Mango Maple Relish

Green Mango Relish on a hot dog along with sauerkraut and pickled ramps

Barbecue and condiments go hand-in-hand, so here’s a recipe for a green mango relish. It’s the perfect way to use tart unripe mangos and it makes a great accompaniment for hotdogs, brats, or burgers.

Hoisin Burger with Lime Pickled Onions

When it comes to burgers, In-and-Out double doubles are about as close to perfection as you can get. In my view of the world, a $30 hamburger made with wagyu and topped with foie gras and black truffles misses point of a burger entirely. That said, I do enjoy creative burgers every now and then and since I’m not willing to shell out the big bucks at bleached linen restaurants, I usually end up making them at home. This award winning Asian inspired burger is to this day, one of the best burger combo’s I’ve come up with. With bright purple pickled onions and a sweet and savory patty nestled between a buttery brioche bun, it’s just the thing when you’re in the mood for a little more than a regular old cheeseburger.

Pomegranate Lamb Kebabs

This isn’t the best photo I’ve ever taken, but don’t let that deter you from making these kebabs. They have just the right balance of sweet, sour and savory and the overnight marinade makes the meat incredibly tender and flavorful. After a quick stint on the grill, all they need is a side of grilled veggies and a generous sprinkle of sumac at the end.

Grilled Eggplant with Sweet Miso Glaze

If you’re not a meat eater, or if you just want a tasty grilled side-dish, this eggplant with sweet miso sauce is the ticket to vegetal bliss. Grilled with a generous coating of oil, the eggplant caramelizes on the outside, taking on a great smokey flavor while the sweet miso sauce adds a nutty complexity with just a hint of citrus from the yuzu.

Frozen Watermelon and Sangria

This dessert is a two for one deal, where you get frozen wine soaked watermelon and watermelon sangria out of one recipe. When I was in college we used to sneak vodka into our dorm rooms by cutting a plug out of a whole watermelon and emptying an entire bottle of vodka into it before plugging it back up. Remembering watermelon’s remarkable ability to absorb alcohol, I came up with this milder, more grown up version of the college favorite. It’s a perfect refreshing end to a meat filled meal, and the alcohol the watermelon soaks up will keep your buzz going all night long.

  • http://rusticgardenbistro.com Kim at Rustic Garden Bistro

    Wow Marc, these are awesome!

    I came across your blog today and had to say hello. It's LOVELY. Hope to see more of it soon!

    Happy Memorial Day! Go grill your 'lil heart out!


    P.S. I agree with your philosophy on burgers. 😉

  • Rakhi

    Yum! When do I get to come over to try this? :)

  • http://www.innbrooklyn.com Talia

    That mango relish sounds awesome! As do the burgers. I'm definitely feeling ready for some holiday weekend grilling!

  • http://www.pastrychefonline.com Jenni

    That does it, Marc. I'm coming to your place for Memorial Day!

  • http://www.pastrychefonline.com Jenni

    That does it, Marc. I'm coming to your place for Memorial Day!

  • http://baconandrhubarb.blogspot.com Rachel (S[d]OC)

    Love that watermelon drink. Sangria rocks. You're a naughty boy sneaking vodka into fruit in college. 😉

    I don't grill (live in an apartment – so no yard) but I am fortunate to be attending a party at my brother's and am looking for some ideas to take there. I think that relish would be tasty and most welcome.

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  • http://anediblesymphony.blogspot.com Muneeba

    Gorgeous selection …looks like u're gonna have a delicious weekend! I'm especially drooling over those lamb kabobs!

  • Lori @ RecipeGirl

    ALL of it looks so delicious! You've inspired me to get my butt in gear and plan for my cookout on Sunday :) Have a great weekend!

  • Antiquesinsummit

    Having our annual party in the garden w/ roses, grilling Greek turkey sliders (I know, weird).
    I remember those rooftop brats from last year with the fire truck whizzing by!
    Have a happy.

  • Pam

    Great recipes and I will definitely have to try the eggplant! Wonderful things here for the holiday!

  • Mtlabor85

    all of these look great! can't wait to soak up some watermelon for sure!

  • http://www.tastewiththeeyes.com/ Lori Lynn

    Great Memorial Day ideas Marc! I especially like miso + eggplant.

    When I was in college, we didn't have to sneak in alcohol. We would fill big trash cans with Everclear and Hawaiian Punch, right there in the lounge. Oy. I bet they don't allow that anymore. Good thing.

    I hope you are having a wonderful MD weekend.

  • christinefreshlocalandbest

    These are great recipes for the summer. I like the idea of the hoisin burger and watermelon sangria.


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