Green Bean and Eggplant Agebitashi

When you think about Japanese food, “deep-fried” isn’t one of the first techniques to come to mind, but it’s a technique often used in the initial preparation of foods. Agebitashi (ah-gay-bee-tah-shi) literally means “fried and soaked” and as the name implies, it involves flash frying veggies and soaking them in a flavorful dashi broth. Head over the PBS Food for my recipe and full post.

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  • MyKitchenandI

    Would this work with noodle beans you think? I have a ton of those …

    • Marc Matsumoto


  • friv 4

    Food and food processing methods of Japan truly impressive, beautifully and taste. You share these do we really understand much more.

  • Erin Amirian P.

    Hard to find all the ingredients in the winter though. At least where I live…


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