August Dinner and a Movie Roundup

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Okay, so it's two weeks late, but there wasn't much of a turn out this month and I've decided to make this my last Dinner and a Movie. Hopefully my co-host Susan will pick up the torch and run with it because it has a lot of potential. I've been working on a more personally significant project and haven't had the time to dedicate to this event that it deserves.

The August movie was Wallstreet and while being produced over thirty years ago, it really nails home the aphorism that "the more things change, the more they stay the same". You could change the props, sets, and a few lines in this movie and it could have just as easily been set in 2008. In fact, there are rumors that a sequel staring Shia LaBeouf is in the works.

Thanks to Zabeena and Susan for capturing the spirit of Wallstreet in their dishes.

Homemade 100 Grand Bars

"The 80's was a decade full of big business, big dreams and big hair! The mantra of the day was “Less is more, but more is better.” Nobody worried too much about tomorrow because they were all to busy seizing the day. Decadence was not only accepted, but encouraged! As Gordon Gekko so eloquently put it, “Greed is good.”

When deciding what to make for this DaaM installment, the idea of recreating these bars kept popping into my head. Wall Street is a movie about greed and excess. It’s also a movie about money – lots of it. I couldn’t help thinking that 100 Grand bars would be the perfect representation of these things, both literally and figuratively"

  • Susan from Sticky Gooey Creamy Chewy
  • Micaella's Dough

    "It’s all about bucks, kid” - yes, the all encompassing theme of the film is money, in other words: DOUGH. Or even BREAD. (For more food-related synonyms for money, see my complete post.) Micaella's dough was not turned into a loaf sized bread, but Brötchen = German for 'little breads' = rolls. Which, I believe (though his fate remains open at the end of the film), is what Gekko will have to bake smaller ones of… Confused?

    “Kleine/kleinere Brötchen backen” is a frequently used idiom in Germany, which means, to aim lower; to take a backseat; to conduct business with less voracity."