Baked Eggs

Baked eggs recipe with bacon & cheese

I get so little sleep on the weekdays that one of my favourite things to do on the weekends is to sleep until noon. Unoriginal, I know, but that leads me to my second farvourite part of weekends: stumbling into the kitchen in my boxers and raiding the fridge for scraps of food from the week and making brunch.

This morning, I managed to scavenge two strips of extra thick-cut berkshire pork bacon, a tupperware of leftover pasta sauce, half a giant shallot that had been wilting on the counter for a few days, and the last of the ramps from Forage and Feast. I contemplated making a bacon and ramp pizza, but that just seemed like too much work on this lazy Saturday, so I opted for baked eggs.

Baked Eggs in Tomato Sauce

If you’re looking for a good trade off between effort and gastronomic gratification, I can’t think of many things that will beat these baked eggs. They come together in about 10 minutes and all you need to wash afterwards is a cutting board, knife and a pan. Your sleepy toil will be rewarded with soft yolked eggs nestled in a bed of luscious tomato sauce, with tender strips of smokey bacon in every bit.

Ramps and bacon for baked eggs

Don’t have bacon? Use some ham, sausage, or a left a leftover chunk of roast instead. You could even omit the meat all-together, and use olive oil to make a pan of vegetarian baked eggs. The shallots, ramps, and parsley could be swapped out for any member of the onion family and fresh herbs of your choosing. All you really need are the eggs and some kind of sauce to bake them in — left over curry anyone?

Baked Eggs

2 slices thick cut bacon cut into 1/4″ strips(optional)
1 shallot minced
2 Tbs parsley stems removed and chopped
5 ramps, bulbs minced, leaves chopped
1 1/2 C stewed tomatoes chopped
salt and pepper to taste
honey to taste (optional)
2-3 eggs
ricotta insalata or other crumbly cheese

Move your oven rack to the top position and turn on the broiler.

Add the bacon to a small oven safe pan and fry over medium heat until some oil renders out. Add the shallots and ramp bulbs and saute until they are soft and fragrant. Add the parsley and ramp leaves and fry until they are just wilted. Add the tomatoes then salt and pepper to taste (you probably won’t need much salt because stewed tomatoes usually have some salt and the bacon and cheese will be salty). Taste the sauce, if it is too tart, add some honey until you’re happy with it.

Use a spoon to make 2-3 wells in the tomato sauce with a spoon and drop an egg in each divet. Crumble some cheese on top and bring the sauce to a boil. When you see the bottoms of the eggs start to turn white, transfer the pan to the oven. Broil directly under the heating element for about a minute, or until the cheese is browned and the eggs have turned white on top.

Garnish your baked eggs with something green (parsley, basil, chives, scallions, or ramp leaves would all work) and serve on toasted bread.

  • Jaron

    I had baked eggs just the other morning…I just greased down a couple of ramekins with 1/2t olive oil and a pat of batter, layered on some sliced black olives, pimentos, and sundried tomatoes, followed by a thin layer of cheese, then fresh eggs on top. 15 minutes at 375*F yielded most solid but not overcooked yolks, and perfectly melted cheese.

  • Heather

    I love this lazy version of a frittata (nothing but a crustless quiche if you ask me). I can just imagine dipping my toast into that unctuous sauce.

  • Leslie

    I try to sleep in as late as possible every saturday morning too but my husband always starts yelling for me to get up at 9:30am!

  • Jan

    Wow now this looks delish – I could eat that right now!

  • Chef E

    LOL Marc! You just told us you wear boxers…too funny, but the egg? Yes, I too have been on an egg eating frenzy!

  • Trissa

    Look, I think I love it and it's definitely something I would wake up for…but only one condition – I have to go back to bed right after devouring it!

  • bunkycooks

    I'm coming over for breakfast next weekend! I have been so boring lately with basic eggs for breakfast. I am now inspired since this is so quick to do!

  • barbarakiebel

    Nice idea for something different than our omelet with leftovers. Thanks!

  • thelacquerspoon

    Delish! You deserve to have enough sleep and beautiful breakfast at weekend :)

  • The Rowdy Chowgirl

    Your weekend routine sounds a lot like mine: catch up on sleep, then stagger out and have a big breakfast. Very civilized. And I've been curious about baked eggs–this might be the push I needed to try making them. Thanks!

  • Pei-Lin Liew

    I've never thought of cooking eggs this way. Enlightening post, with great tips. Thank you!

    Btw, I can totally empathize with your lack of sleep on weekdays! I've been suffering from the same since I began my working life last September. Not easy. I hardly even have the luxury to indulge myself in what I love (i.e. cooking, baking, food photography, writing and reading.) By the time you get home, all you want is to sleep like a log. Even on weekends, I'd not even dare sleeping away till noon because time is too precious!

  • TammyLy

    I will make this for breakfast tomorrow.


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