Beef Bourguignon Recipe (video)

One of my goals with NoRecipes is to show you how to make restaurant quality meals that a person who works full time can make. This means taking shortcuts where it won’t be noticed while taking the “scenic route” where it counts. When it comes to stocks, I reserve homemade stock for dishes like clear soups, where the stock is the centerpiece. For other dishes, like this Beef Bourguignon, most people wouldn’t notice the difference between a homemade stock and pre-made alternative.

When and asked me to come up with a “Sunday Supper” idea using one of their soups, Beef Bourguignon seemed like the perfect dish. Traditionally considered complicated and time consuming, I use a few shortcuts that cut your prep time down to about 30 minutes, and the rest of the work is done by your oven.

There are four other very talented bloggers who have come up with their own recipes with Campbell’s Condensed Good for Cooking Soups, and we’re vying for a $1,000 donation to our chosen food charity. If I win, I’m going to give my donation to The World Food Progam’s Haiti relief efforts. They were one of the first aid organizations with staff on the ground in Haiti and they’ve helped well over 1 million people there so far and they’ve committed to provide ongoing aid to help the country rebuild in the coming months.

Check out the video and please cast your vote here:-)

  • Alison

    Great video Marc!

  • theduodishes

    Good luck!

  • jentinyurbankitchen

    Ooh good luck! i just voted. :)

  • Kalofagas Greek Food

    Job well done Marc on all counts: the taping, the editing and the Beef Bourg., of course!

  • Peter G

    Absolutely fantastic Marc! I'm loving your videos more and more!

  • quickies on the dinner table

    Marc – great recipe, great video and geat intentions. Damn, but you make it all look soooo easy 😀

  • norecipes

    That's because it *is* :-)

  • Jan Bennett

    Fantastic video Marc! Love the recipe too!

  • Janet

    I voted for you! Excellent on all counts!

  • Pegs

    I love the video! I'm sure its a lot more involved than just writing, but it was great! Nice treat.

  • joni

    I voted! Even though I can't pronounce nor spell the beef b… bouge… that beef dish! Looks yummy nonetheless!

  • Miranda

    I really wish I wasn't in class right now so I could watch the video! It looks really good!

  • David Levy

    I watched the video and voted for you because I like what you will do with the prize money. Using commercial prepared stocks has become easier and less risky since many companies have taken a cue and are omitting MSG and other flavor enhancers. However i come from the old school and believe that if you ask five chefs to prepare a dish such as Beef Bourgignon, you will have five different versions of the same basic theme because each will prepare it as they are accustomed to.Thank goodness for variety. Good luck!

  • Peter

    Looks great, thanks. Can you suggest something that a non-pig eater could use instead of bacon in this and other recipes where it takes on a similar role?

  • norecipes

    There isn't really a good substitute for bacon (I consider tofu and
    turkey bacon an un-natural abomination), That said, the idea is to add
    flavor and oil, so you could use an equivalent amount of un-rendered
    duck fat chopped up instead, which you should be able to get at a

  • Lori Lynn

    Great video Marc! Your recipe is excellent. I use Campbells Beef Broth often, its quite good.
    Good luck.

  • TokyoTerrace

    How great! I love the recipe and the video. My Sunday dinners as a kid were spent at my grandma's house. She always made pot roast and it was so perfectly cooked that it melted in my mouth. Your Beef Bourguignon looks as though it would melt as well! Making my mouth water already… By the way, I voted for you! Good luck!

  • stacey snacks

    Great video! you have my vote!
    I have never used Campbell's stock but will try it now.

  • EatingPlaces

    Great video!

  • Michael [KyotoFoodie]

    I knew it! You are an internet rock star!

    This is indeed a good looking recipe!

  • Girl Japan

    The video is so inspiring. I like shortcuts, one of mine is to cook, freeze (leaving enough out to photo “wink”), it saves me time, life and work just get so busy sometimes.


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