Braised Mushroom Tacos

Marc Matsumoto

Hi! I'm Marc, and I want to teach you some basic techniques while giving you the confidence and inspiration to cook without recipes too!

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Braised Mushroom Tacos

When it comes to Mexican cuisine, there are few things more provocative than a classic mole that involves hours of roasting, grinding, caramelizing, and braising. As delicious as it can be, not every occasion calls for a whole day spent in the kitchen, especially on a day like Cinco de Mayo, which for me, is more about drinking and eating with friends than it is about commemorating the Mexican Army’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla. That's why I came up with these braised mushrooms tacos. They're healthy, filling and delicious, but best of all they're easy to make so you can spend the day tossing back margaritas and catching up with friends rather than sweating over a hot stove.

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