Cherry blossom rice

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Cherry blossom rice

Normally I don't post about packaged things I make, but this was just so unique, I couldn't resist. It's rice that's cooked in a broth make with cherry leaves and blossoms. Then when it's done, you sprinkle some salted cherry blossoms on top.

It's a very spring thing to eat in Japan and I found the mix at Mitsuwa a couple weekends ago. As far as taste, it's unusual... I'm not sure I'd pay six bucks for this again, but it's certainly unique. It reminded me a bit of sakura mochi (cherry blossom rice cakes) which are usually served as a dessert. The rice takes on a pink color and a very floral aroma with a slightly earthy flavour. The best part is the salted cherry blossoms though, they're fun to look at and add little bits of briny intensity to this otherwise subtle rice. I served it tonight with a tofu stuffed squid

On the topic of seafood, Marx Foods is giving away 15 lbs of wild salmon to the best salmon recipe that's submitted by June 20th. I sent in my Salmon with Minty Miso Glaze