Double Carrot Stew

Double Carrot Beef Stew

With winter bearing down on us, it’s time to starting thinking about warm hearty stews. In this week’s post on PBS Food, I wanted to shine the spotlight on an under appreciated veggie. Carrots are naturally sweet and full of umami, have a cooked texture that I prefer over potatoes, and they’re cheap. By both grating the carrots and cutting them up, I was able to add a bunch of flavor with only a few ingredients and the stew turns this brilliant vermillion hue that looks like the fall leaves around us.

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  • susantao

    I really want to make this, however I do not have a pressure cooker, can you give me an alternative method of cooking this? Thanks, Susan

    • Marc Matsumoto

      Just use a dutch oven or other heavy bottomed pot. You’ll also need to increase the cooking time by 3-4 times,   To get the beef tender.

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  • Kris

    I knew I should have doubled the recipe. My husband doesn’t like carrots, but he really liked this stew. I added sliced white mushrooms 10 minutes after the carrots so he wouldn’t know it was all about the carrots.
    I didn’t have a pressure cooker and at step 11 I simmed on low for 45 minutes (3xs longer) and after adding the carrots I simmered for about 80 minutes (4xs longer) because I wanted the beef softer. At this point the carrots and the mushrooms were perfect both were tender, but had bite. If I cooked it longer they might have started getting too soft. I used a large enameled cast iron pot.
    The next day, was better and the third day was divine. This goes perfectly with rice. Also, I didn’t have plain stewed tomatoes so I used canned S&W brand fire roasted tomatoes.


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