Everything you need to know about knives

Given the amount of travelling I do, and the odd private chef gigs I take on, I often find myself cooking in other people’s kitchens. I love exploring other people’s kitchen, but one of my biggest pet peeves is a kitchen with a large collection of cheap dull knives.

You really only need a few really good knives, and once you invest in good knives, it’s crucial to keep them sharp. Sharp knives not only make it easier to make your food look great, they prevent injuries because you don’t have to use a lot of pressure to slice something.

The Chef Knife Guru over at Cooking.com has put this awesome infographic together which sums up pretty much everything you need to know about kitchen knives. If you know someone who needs help in the knife department? Do them a favor before they injure themselves and share this with them!

Kitchen Knives

  • http://www.foodstoriesblog.com/ CJ at Food Stories

    Love the infographic :-)

  • Judy Ung

    Great article, thanks for sharing. My knives are no longer crazy-sharp like they used to be. Thanks for the reminder that I need to sharpen them… not a task I enjoy, however.

  • Jasonw13s

    Wow. This is impressive.  Now I start to understand why there are so many different knives in my knife block. 

  • Kirby Froese

    there’s something very therapeutic about sharpening knives.  thinking of the craftsmanship that was involved in creating the piece art while you strive for that edge.  needless to say they’re all very sharp. 

  • Yifer92

    My knowledge gained from experience wasn’t wrong. Very useful infograph 😀

  • http://stylemaniac.blogspot.com/ Style Maniac

     Great graphic. 

  • eunhskwon

    Amazing design! Thank you for providing the information I wanted in such beautiful, simple way in such detail! I had been wondering what kinds of knives I should buy.


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