Fried Oysters

Marc Matsumoto

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Fried Oysters

As you guys know, I've been writing for PBS's food blog, Fresh Tastes for the past couple of months. Well, today I'm excited to announce that Fresh Tastes is actually a piece of a bigger PBS Food site that just launched this week, where they've aggregated all the best recipes from over 150 local and national PBS programs and put them all in one place!

I also wanted to tell you about my fried oysters. There’s something very gratifying about biting through the crisp outer crust and into the tender center of a fried oyster. It’s an ephemeral moment when your ears hear the crispy crust crackling as it gives way, your mouth is flooded with the briny juices from the oyster, and your nostrils fill with the smell of a salty ocean breeze.

Head over to PBS Food to read the rest and get my Fried Oyster Recipe

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