Green Curry Crab Cakes

Green Curry Crab Cakes

Although I’d originally planned to make something else with this crab, a bizarre lack of corn at my local markets serendipitously guided me in this direction. With big hunks of crab held together by shrimp, and all the flavors of a green curry, it’s a fresh take on the Chesapeake classic. Head over to PBS Food for my full post and recipe.

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  • Dlo Burns

    That’s odd not even being able to find canned corn.

    I wonder if popped popcorn would make a good binder.

    • Marc Matsumoto

      I’m in Japan, which still doesn’t totally explain the lack of corn, but it’s probably a little less common here than in the US. As for popcorn that’s a really interesting idea, but I think you’d need a lot of it, and the skins from the kernels might get in the way of the tender crab.


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