Interview with Andrew Zimmern


I got to sit down and chat with Andrew Zimmern at the 2013 New York City Wine and Food Festival last week. It was an honor meeting one of the people who inspired me to make the leap from marketing to food, and he’s as down-to-earth as he comes off on his shows. We talk about what inspired his career change, The Munchies (no relation to 3AM cravings for Cheetohs), and what he’s cooking for Thanksgiving this year!

  • KD

    Stuffing w/foie gras? I cry from California.


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Chirashi Sushi
Umeboshi Chicken
Pappa Al Pomodoro
La Luce by Donna Scala (Orlando Day 1)
Grilled Fish with Green Mango Pico de Gallo
Buta Kimchi (Pork and Kimchi Stir Fry)
Sole Meunière
LUCKYRICE Night Market