Japanese Tater Tots

Calling these “Tater Tots” isn’t the most eloquent way of describing these potato cakes, but they’re spiritual cousins separated by an ocean. Known as “potato mochi” in Japan, they’re made of mashed potato that’s been shaped into an oval cake, and then fried until the outer layer is crisp. The glaze is a syrupy sweet soy glaze traditionally used for mitarashi dango, and they’re wrapped in nori so you can eat them with your fingers. While they’re more of a snack in Japan, I think they make a fantastic side dish for a big juicy steak. Check out my full post over at PBS Food this week.

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  • otter81

    These are croquettes – “korokke” in Japanese. Much bigger than tater tots.

    • http://norecipes.com Marc Matsumoto

      Hi Otter, I’m not sure what part of Japan you’re in but up in Sapporo they’re called “imomochi” or potato mochi and it’s a separate dish from korokke. Korokke, is also made with potato but usually mixes in a bunch of things like meat and onions and then it’s breaded with panko before being fried.


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