LUCKYRICE Night Market

Making Roti Canai - Lucky Rice Night Market
This guy really made me wish my camera could take video. He’s making the Malaysian specialty Roti Canai and puts most pizza dough tossers to shame. Through a quick series of strategic pulls and spins, he takes a lump of oil covered dough and stretches it into a paper thin crepe in a matter of seconds which is then fried on a griddle until crisp and flaky on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. Dipped in a chicken curry, it’s on the list of foods I’d want in my last meal.

Shaved ice with tamarind caramel syrup
These shaved ice cones with a tamarind caramel syrup from Double Crown were a refreshing end to all the street food.

Liquid nitrogen and Maker's Mark
This was by far the coolest booth. I hung around the Maker’s Mark booth as they mixed liquid nitrogen into vats of Maker’s Mark, making a bourbon slushy. The frozen bourbon was then mixed into a cocktail. It’s a great idea because the bourbon gets so cold there’s no need to add any ice, which would ordinarily dilute the finished cocktail. I hoped that if I stood around long enough I’d get a chance to taste the frozen bourbon straight out of the vat, but sadly it didn’t happen.

Under the Archway

To be honest, I wasn’t enamored with most of the food at the night market. A few stand-outs aside, they were mostly forgettable attempts at Asian street food. For me, the magic of street food in Asia rests in its simplicity. Unfortunately, many of the vendors tried to do something elaborate, and while there’s nothing inherently wrong with fancy, it just didn’t work in this context.

Food aside, there was an endless supply of alcohol, and no lack of friendly strangers willing to strike up a conversation. I had fun and left with a full belly which is really all you can ask from a night market.

  • Veggie Belly

    What an amazing new blog! I LOVE It!

  • Jan

    LOVING this blog!!! Great post – I look forward to reading many more!

  • Amy Blogs Chow

    Excited to be among the first to experience your beautiful new blog! I decided to stay home the evening of the Night Market, but I am thrilled there were at least a few winners present. I am most sad about missing the Roti Canai, honestly. Do you know if he was there to represent a restaurant somewhere in the city?

    • norecipes

      I think so, though I'm not sure, it was part of the Malaysian
      governments area. I did pick up a menu for Nyonya on the other side of
      the booth where they were serving coconut custard, so the roti might
      have been from there as well.

  • yogi

    yum!!! another great blog to look forward to~~
    do keep us posted… i miss night markets!!!!
    cant wait to eat stinky tofu when i go back to taiwan!!!

  • joannova

    Love Wandering Cook – is this a replacement to or addition to No Recipes? No matter, I'm now subscribed to both. The night market event looks like fun. Reminds me of Bangkok.

    • norecipes

      It's an addition. I wanted to separate event/travel coverage from the dishes
      I create.


  • stephanie313131

    Your pictures are beautiful. Nice blog. Keep up the good work! I need to move to New York!

  • afoodobsession

    Nice post…best of luck w/the new blog…will be reading it regularly…

  • Sherry Li

    Congrats on the new blog – looks awesome! I'm quite jealous I wasn't there… your pictures are making me hungry! I want some street food right now!

    I really enjoyed Chef Wright's truffle buns at the Grand Feast… but the kimchi and oysters looks amazing too!

  • zenchef

    Ahhh.. i love the 'no laces' converse as logo! That's perfectly you.
    Great new blog, Marc. Looking forward to read about all your travels here.

    • norecipes

      Hahhaha thanks, they're actually my favorite pair of shoes. I took a photo
      and traced over it to make the logo. I didn't think about the “no laces”
      going with the “no recipes” theme, but now that you mention it I guess it
      makes sense.

  • danielle_bonvivant

    Congratulations on your new blog, I like the banner :)

    Night markets and street foods are the things I miss most about Asia, and you're right that it's all about the simplicity. It's interesting how Asian street food is becoming pretty trendy in the US food scene. I suppose it's the most accessible and cost-effective marketing tool for Asian cuisine, and it never hurts to bring large groups of people together to discover the joys of roti canai!

  • pixen @ Esef Ong

    I love this new blog too!I like this Night Market concept…that's what we have locally in Penang and other states in Malaysia (there are 13 states!). In my area, there are about 3 major Night Markets or Farmers Market. They start around 5 pm and ends around 10 pm. Towards the end of hours, they usually try to sell off their wares at very low prices 😀 Of course, we don't have kimchi, alcohol and chefs 😛 Mostly are food, apparels and fresh produce by the locals. I definitely return to see more of such coverage. Btw, bring extra pair of sneakers with you..with all that eating and walking, I don't want to see your feet hurt and your shoes lost their laces :-) Take care and keep up the great work!

  • fujimama

    Love the new blog! The market looks like it was a blast. What a fun concept, even if the idea of simplicity was lost somewhat!

  • Elise Bauer

    Gorgeous! Love the new blog!

  • Colloquial Cook

    I'm with Zenchef on the Converse :-) C'est superbe!

  • christinefreshlocalandbest

    Marc, I'm looking forward to reading your adventures through this blog. The pictures from this event were spectacular. It does seem like something was lost in translation with this night market, nonetheless I would have loved to have witnessed the making of that roti Canai.

  • DaaiSikLou

    Great Start from 'TheWanderingCook'.
    I agree with your comment about keeping food simple.
    New foods tend to be trying to be too elaborate.


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