Make it Tender

Tender Grilled Ribs

Like turning lead into gold, tenderizing meat is an area of cooking that’s filled with old wives’ tales and lore. Many don’t work, and then there are a few that work so well they’ll turn your meat into mush. There are three main mechanisms by which to reliably tenderize meat and I explore each one in detail in this week’s post on PBS Food.

  • CJ at Food Stories

    Oh, wow … I had no idea you post on PBS food … Way cool … Heading over to check it out!

  • Pat Machin, A Yorkshire Cook

    That is SO useful.  I started wandering round your site and lost an hour!  I’ve put you on my blogroll and onto google reader so I don’t lose you!

  • The Food Scout

    Awesome shot! I can almost smell it because of your shot! :)


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