Mario Kart is REAL

“Welcome to Mario Kart!”

“I’mma gonna get you!”
“Here we go!”
“I got you!”

I see a lot of wacky things in my travels, so it takes a lot to surprise me. This just blew my mind with a mix of shock, incredulity and yes, a tiny bit of envy. I took these photos on a city street in the middle of the fifth largest city in Japan. Oh and incase you missed it, yes this oversized man on an undersized gocart is rockin’ a Yoshi backpack.

  • DenaTBray

    Great fun.

  • autumn

    wow!!! I like this pics!!!! and it was really Funny!!! Thank you:) wish I could meet him…

  • Christina Johnson


  • BBR

    I can’t wait to share this with my Grandson.

  • coolperson

    sweet. i love mario kart.

  • Momfashionlifestyle

    super mario cart is seriously the best game ever.

  • julia

    and he brings a banana! always good to have when mariokarting..


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