Mashed Kabocha

Mashed Kabocha Pumpkin

This week we continue with my Kabocha pumpkin themed Thanksgiving dinner. Often when you do something novel with a traditional dish, it involves some sort of sacrifice. You’re into it for a few bites because of its newness, but then you’re left craving your old favorite.

This is not one of those dishes. In fact, I can’t imagine going back to plain old mashed potatoes after having these.

Read more and get the recipe over at PBS Food.

  • DrakosAmatras

    This is… just mashed plain pumpkin? Is it cooked in any way? Are there any suggestible seasonings or condiments for this?

    Pardon me if my questions are too… “unrefined” for a site like this. I’m merely curious.

  • Justin

    Wow.  Love it.  Why didn’t I think of that!?  😉

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  • Jian

    I tried kabocha for the first time after reading this and made it into mash as per the recipe. I was delighted at the taste of the kabocha but felt there was far too much butter. I’m not a fan of buttery tasting things to be honest, especially since the kabocha taste is so lovely by itself without the need for oodles of butter!

    We are definitely converts now! Love kabocha. Unfortunately it cost me about £2.50 for very small one so I think this will be reserved for special occasions! Usually I can buy 2 kg of nice potatoes (like red king edwards) for £2.50!


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