Mie Goreng Java (Javanese Fried Noodles)

Mie Goreng Java Recipe

Part of what I love about blogging is discovering incredibly talented bloggers from around the world. One of my favorite finds in 2010 was Indochine Kitchen, published by Jun, from her family’s kitchen in Indonesia. Her photos are both inspiring and hunger-inducing and her stories and recipes keep you coming back for more. What impresses me most about Jun is the level of detail she goes into explaining ingredients and their preparation for those that might not be familiar with them. When you’re done reading this head over to her blog and follow Jun on Twitter.

This is my second guest post in my whole three years of food blogging. In the spirit of NoRecipes, I am sharing a basic Javanese noodle stir-fry recipe that is essentially the essence of most fried noodle recipes found. It can be tweaked as you wish and is very easy to make. Famously known as Mie Goreng Java, this noodle dish is versatile and can be served with many condiments such as sunny-side-up egg, chicken satay, fried chicken, freshly cut cucumber slices and tomatoes.

Indonesian cooking can be concluded into prep steps and cooking steps. The first prep step is the preparation of the main ingredients (be it noodles, seafood, rice, poultry). The second step is the grinding of spices (most commonly used is garlic, shallots, chilies, spices and seasonings). Cooking steps include the stir-frying of the spice paste and finally, the addition of the main ingredients. It is not that complicated, though it does taste slightly complicated and looks like a lot of work! Mie Goreng is not. I can assure you.

Noodles for Mie Goreng
First thing first, get some noodles. Dried egg noodles or fresh noodles.
Boil the noodles for Mie Goreng
If dried noodles are used, boil the noodles half the time instructed in the package. The final cooking stage will be done later in the wok. If fresh noodles are used, rinse quickly in cold water and drain.
Drain the noodles for Mie Goreng
Set the noodles aside for later use.
Shrimp for Mie Goreng
Get some shrimp. Devein and skin.
Chicken for Mie Goreng Java
Cut chicken breast into cubes. Some people like to deep-fry the whole breast till brown and crusty and then shred them up.
Shredded cabbage for Mie Goreng Recipe
Cut cabbage into thin shreds. This is a must in Javanese noodle stir fry.
Scallions and celery for Mie Goreng
Chop spring onions and Chinese celery.
Mi Goreng Spices
Basic spice paste ingredients are garlic, toasted candlenuts and whole white pepper.
Grind the spices for Mie Goreng
Grind these in a mortar and pestle.
Spice paste for Mie Goreng
Grind them as fine as possible
Spices frying for Mie Goreng
Heat cooking oil in a wok and stir-fry the paste over medium heat.
Shrimp and Chicken
Once the paste turns slightly browned, add chicken pieces and shrimp.
Mie Goreng seasoned with sweet soy sauce
Season with sweet soy sauce.
Chicken stock
Add chicken stock and lower heat. Let it boil and reduce by a third.
Cabbage goes into Mie Goreng
Toss in cabbage
Add noodles to Mie Goreng
When the liquid has reduced more than a third, add the noodles. If you like noodles that is less dry, add the noodles sooner. Mix well.
Add the beansprouts
Add bean sprouts and work quickly to mix this up. If darker color noodles are preferred, add more sweet soy sauce now.
Finished Mie Goreng
Toss chopped spring onions and celery. Remove from heat.

Serve the Mie Goreng with other condiments, such as fried shallot flakes, fried eggs, satay or sambal belacan.

More variation: for a spicier Mie Goreng, add a couple of teaspoons (or tablespoons) sambal oelek when frying spice paste. Or grind a couple of chilies together with the spices. Chicken and shrimp can be substituted with beef, lamb, fish, fish balls, prawn balls. For a vegetarian version, leave out all the meat and keep the vegetables.

Mie Goreng Java (Javanese Fried Noodles)

150 grams dried egg noodles (5.3 ounces), or 250 grams fresh egg noodles (8.8 ounces)
3 garlic cloves
2 candlenuts
1/2 tablespoon whole white pepper
100 grams chicken breast, cut into cubes (3.5 ounces)
100 grams shrimp, shelled and deveined (3.5 ounces)
50 grams cabbage, cut thinly (1.8 ounces)
100 grams bean sprouts (3.5 ounces)
3 stalks spring onion, chopped
1 stalks Chinese celery, chopped, more for garnishing
4 tablespoons Indonesian sweet soy sauce
150 milliliters chicken stock (5 fluid ounces)

If using dried noodles, prepare noodles as direction but reduce the time called for by half. Grind garlic, candlenuts and pepper using mortar and pestle, or electric grinder, to smooth paste.

Heat cooking oil in a wok. Stir-fry spice paste till fragrant over medium heat for 30 seconds or less.
Toss in chicken and prawns. Cook quickly by stirring using a spatula. Add sweet soy sauce. Mix well.

Pour chicken stock in the wok. Toss in cabbage. Reduce heat slightly and let boil, about 2-3 minutes.
When the liquid slightly reduced, add the noodles. Increase the heat to medium-high and cook the noodles and sauce until desired consistency. For dry noodles, cook longer. For wet noodles, cook briefly.

Add bean sprouts and chopped greens. Mix well. Serve the Mie Goreng Java warm. Sprinkle some shallot flakes and chopped celery on top for garnish on individual plates.

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    I cant find candlenuts at all… none of the asian stores around here seem to carry them at all. i have looked for them in the past… is there a good substitute?

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    Absolutely amazing. Made it for dinner tonight here in Tennessee with a fried egg as a topper. Thank God for the Sunrise International Market which had all of the ingredients. Thank you for the fabulous intro to Indonesian culture. White peppercorns: what a revelation!

  • PDawn

    And BTW, Peggy, you are RIGHT. The paste alone, when being stir-fried, makes the entire house smell amazing.

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    If you add more water and diced chilies you can make Mie Kuah Jawa (Javanese Noodle Soup). And we Indonesian usually put some eggs before you stir-fry the paste and make scrambled eggs.. This recipe works with rice as well :)

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    Hi, cant wait to try this recipe!!! Can i omit the candlenuts? And can you recommend the brand of Indonesian sweet soy sauce which you have used? Im living in Singapore, not sure if im able to find indonesian sweet soy sauce around here. Thank you!

    • http://norecipes.com Marc Matsumoto

      Hi Nora, I picked up a bag of candlenuts and Kecap Manis (sweet soy sauce) the last time I was in Singapore so you should be able to find both ingredients there.

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    The best mie goreng recipe I have ever seen. Thank you.The point that the noodle must boil half of the time mentioned in package in very important. I am going to use this point the next time I make noodles.

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      Judging by the amount of ingredients I’d say 3-4 people.

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      maybe it’s bihun goreng . and this dish using vermicelli .

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    Its appetizing and YUmmmm. I love to relish it this weekend.


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