Peanut Butter Banana Pudding

Peanut Butter Pudding

I’ve written about banana pudding before. Closer to a trifle than the pudding us Northerners know, it’s one of the many culinary contributions from the Southern States that I love. When Peanut Butter & Co. asked me to come up with some recipes using some of their many flavors, it wasn’t a stretch to add peanut butter to this delightful dessert. With layers of moist pound cake and peanut butter pudding topped with peanut brittle, it’s a peanut lover’s dream dessert. Head over to the I Love Peanut Butter blog to check out the recipe.

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  • KD

    Born & raised in the islands: bananas – so boring. I’ll eat a “perfectly” ripe banana, If I’m in the mood. But I do love me some peanut butter & this has me intrigued, Hubby loves bananas (born in Tillamook, Or) & thinks peanut butter is boring – so this could be a win-win with us!

  • Brni

    This is great and easy. A fine sugar rush!

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