Ponzu Wings

Ponzu Wings

Fried chicken is one of my favorite foods, and this week over at PBS Food I show you how to make a lighter Asian style fried chicken. By butterflying the drumlettes, it not only makes them fry up faster, it makes them easier to eat. Coated with a crisp layer of potato starch that soaks up a citrusy ponzu glaze it makes for a a perfect finger food for your next summer party. Head over to PBS Food to check out the full post and recipe.

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  • Lonnie

    Is there a recommended recipe for the Ponzu sauce or recommended brand? I have yet to find a good one

    • http://norecipes.com Marc Matsumoto

      Unfortunately, the ones I use aren’t sold in the US. You can make your own using dashi, soy sauce, and yuzu juice.

  • Matt

    Just found your website and have just spent the last two hours drooling, even though i just finished eating your katsu recipe – 6 stars
    Congratulations, you are an inspiration, keep up the amazing work :)

  • Isabel

    Hi Marc!
    Would butterflying the wings work as well if I baked them?

    • http://norecipes.com Marc Matsumoto

      I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, but I’ve never tried it, you’ll probably need to reduce the baking time since they will cook faster.

  • rus

    Hey Marc, i love your work btw; but specifically are there any brand ponzu sauce you would recommend for someone living in japan (me!) thanks!

  • Jay

    Hi I’m new to ur site I love it, I’m jay from ireland. Just wondering is der anything I can use instead of potato starch as I don’t think I can get it here.

    • http://norecipes.com Marc Matsumoto

      Hi Jay, I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the site. Having never been to Ireland, I’m not sure what kinds of ingredients are available to you, but the the closest thing in the US would be cornstarch. Unfortunately cornstarch is still quite different from potato starch and will give you a different texture.

  • Mum at Niche

    Hello , Its a lovely site and all the food looks so good. I especially love all the Japanese recipes as my daughter loves only those being raised in japan. Just wanted to make a request if you could also add some bento ideas in your recipes which are not to difficult to make and looks presentable for kids.

    • http://norecipes.com Marc Matsumoto

      Hi Mum at Niche, thanks for your nice note! I don’t have a bento section, but there are quite a few recipes in my Japanese category that are bento friendly: http://norecipes.com/cuisine/japanese/


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