I’ve always been been more of a savory breakfast kind-of-guy. Maybe it’s my Japanese roots, but given a choice, I’ll choose a savory item over a sweet item 95% of the time. This week over at PBS Food, I’ve posted one of my favorite savory breakfast items: Shakshouka. I love it because it’s not only delicious and filling, it’s a lot more balanced than a plate of bacon and eggs. Originally from Northern Africa, it’s made by poaching eggs in a spice infused pepper and tomato sauce. As with any “breakfast item” I’ll have this any time of the day, and if you make a lot of the sauce, and freeze it, it comes together in a matter of minutes.

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  • Sodamoeba

    Well this is something I never would have thought to make. I used
    cooking this for my family’s breakfast as an incentive to wake up at a
    reasonable hour for the first time this holiday season. Thanks for a
    killer recipe, everyone enjoyed it!


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