Spicy Peanut Butter & Pork Belly Sandwich

Spicy Peanut Butter and Pork Belly Sandwich

Historically I haven’t been a big fan of “fancy” peanut butter because most of them don’t add sugar or salt. Since I grew up on Skippy, it just doesn’t taste right to me unless it’s been flavored. The problem with most common grocery store brands of peanut butter is that they include a long list of additives that don’t belong in food.

Enter Peanut Butter & Co. They make the perfect all-natural peanut butter, because they flavor their PB with good stuff like like cane juice, maple syrup, salt, and vanilla, while omitting all the crap you can’t pronounce. I also love that they have ten flavors with catchy names like The Bee’s Knees, and Mighty Maple.

Peanut butter pork belly

When Peanut Butter & Co commissioned me to create five dishes for them using their peanut butter, I was excited, not just because these guys thought my recipes were good enough to be used to promote their products, but because they were going to send me free bottles of ALL their different flavors to experiment with!

The first dish (and probably one of the best things I’ve made all year), is up on their website now. It’s a sandwich filled with hoisin glazed pork belly, cucumber, cilantro, scallions, and a spicy peanut butter spread. Get the full recipe here.

  • http://myboyfriendcooksforme.blogspot.com my boyfriend cooks for me

    MY COMPUTER IS LITERALLY COVERED WITH DROOL – that sandwich looks fantastic!!!!!

  • Christie @ Fig & Cherry

    Absolutely gorgeous Marc!

  • Anonymous

    Evil, Marc! This is EVIL!

    Now, can i have one?

  • http://limecake.net LimeCake

    i love peanut butter & co! they make the best PB. i always have a jar of the stuff in my kitchen. this looks like an awesome sandwich!

  • http://maclarty.blogspot.com/ Robyn

    That has got to be the most original sandwich filling I’ve ever heard of! And somehow it sounds drop-dead delicious as well… Golly, make my lunch-time chicken mayo positively shrivel with shame!

  • http://voodooandsauce.com Heather Arndt Anderson

    Oh my god. I think I’m speechless.

  • we are never full

    great combo of flavors! i used to reside up the street on sullivan from PB&co and, luckily, was too poor (prob. from renting in soho) to eat out the whole 3 years i lived there. pb is one of my obsessions in life and i could sit on a couch w/ a spoon and a jar and go to town. i could eat this as a dish w/ some chopsticks!

  • Camille Richards

    Marc, I love that you are creating these alternate revenue streams by doing things like creating recipes for this company This sandwich looks amazing by the way.

  • http://www.cozydelicious.com Katie@Cozydelicious

    Oh man, this looks amazing!!! I stir peanut butter into everything and I can just imagine how rich and flavorful this sandwich is. Yum!

  • Anonymous

    Marc, it looks lovely. I have to share a pb recipe with you……..its called suya and it is the Nigerian version of the Asian saté. The marinade is also GREAT on fish and chicken. See http://www.kitchenbutterfly.com/2010/07/15/how-to-make-nigerian-suya/

  • http://tasty-trials.blogspot.com/ Karen

    First of all, this dish looks SO amazing. Pork belly and peanut butter??? Those are two of the best ingredients out there. Congrats on being chosen by PB&Co!
    Secondly, I just found your site through Foodbuzz, and here’s my two cents: I love the concept. Going without recipes is such a fun way to challenge yourself to create new and interesting things. Keep up the good work!

  • http://cookin-log.junkoco.com/ junkoco

    Look sooooo good!!
    Now I am hungry again. It’s 1:00 AM!

  • http://www.tasteofbeirut.com tasteofbeirut

    I have never had pork belly; that sandwich sure looks awesome!

  • Marie

    Ooooo! That loosk so good. I’m a big fan of both PB and pork, so fabulous combo!!

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  • http://grantmcwilliams.com Grant McWilliams

    You know how easy it is to make great peanut butter right? I haven’t bought peanut butter from a store in 5 years, why would anyone? Three cups of dry roasted, unsalted peanuts into the food processor and run it until the peanuts break down, form a ball and break down again. Then add anything you want. I put a tbs of honey and some sea salt. Basically a jar of Adams for $1.79. You could add maple or spices or anything you want. This makes one 15 oz jar of peanut butter. The bonus is you don’t have to stir the oils in because the jar didn’t sit on the shelf for months waiting for you to buy it!


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