SVS: Baby Back Ribs

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SVS: Baby Back Ribs

The ribs were bagged and sealed with marmalade, hoisin sauce, soy sauce, grated ginger, and cinnamon. They went into a 75 degree C Sous Vide Supreme for 14 hours.

As with any cut of meat done sous vide, they come out of the machine and unappealing shade of grey, but this is quickly remedied by a applying some high heat to the surface. In this case, I poured the juices from the bag into a frying pan and reduced it down until it was very thick and bubbly. Then I just tossed the ribs in and rolled them around in the glaze until they were glistening with the thick sweet sauce.

The ribs turned out tender, but not so tender that the meat involuntarily falls of the bone into a stringy pile of mush. The sous vide ribs were much more like a true slow and low barbecued rib with a firm meaty texture that melts in your mouth as you chew.

Savory, sweet with just a hint of cinnamon and ginger this is one dish I'm definitely making again. Next time, I may try and throw the ribs under a broiler after I've glazed them with the sauce to give them just a bit of char around the edges.