SVS: Scrambled Eggs

Sous Vide Scrambled Eggs

Of all the sous vide experiments I’ve done so far, this was by far the most disappointing. It wasn’t because the eggs were bad, it’s just that I had such high expectations given all the raves I’ve heard about “life changing” “mind blowing” sous vide scrambled eggs. I had them (with cream, gruyere and white truffle oil no less), but my life remains unchanged, my mind, unblown.

To be honest I think that most people who rave about sous vide scrambled eggs have never had properly cooked conventional scrambled eggs. My stovetop preparation of scrambled eggs produces large fluffy curds, that are creamy and custardy, but have just enough texture to let you know you’re having scrambled eggs.

Sous Vide Scrambled Eggs

After whisking together the eggs, cream, cheese and truffle oil, I bagged and sealed them and thew them in the Sous Vide Supreme at 75 degrees C for 20 minutes. I removed them from the water bath about once every 7 minutes to give the bag a “scramble” with my hands. What came out of the bag was a mass of creamy and custardy egg with a very uniform curd texture. The texture was so uniform it made the eggs dense and boring. Had I not put the eggs in the bag, I might even wonder what it was that I was eating.

This is one dish that I’ll be sticking with the old school (and faster) way of cooking in a pan on the stove.

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  • Christina Johnson

    Though sous vide eggs really aren’t life changing, your scrambled eggs method really was. I started really getting down on eggs because I eat them so often—they’re the only easy breakfast protein and I’m insulin resistant. I actually am excited to have scrambled eggs again.

    Now if we could only convert my husband. I haven’t let him cook eggs lately because he won’t cook them this way. He’s a die hard about the whisk and cook hot method.

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  • Bob Lotti

    Hi Marc,

    I’ve been cooking scrambled eggs by the sous vide method for a while and the secret to really good scrambled eggs with a nice, rich, custard texture is to add 1 extra egg yolk for every 2 whole eggs you use. I freeze the unused egg whites for future use in some other recipe.The extra yolk really does makes a difference. Also, I like to remove the eggs from the waterbath while they are slightly undercooked.

  • Doug

    I’ve yet to get the consistency of sous vide eggs the way I like them. I still prefer Mark Bittman’s traditional scrambled eggs:

    But I’d rather have time freed up to prep other things instead of squishing curds, so I’ll try a few more times.


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