SVS: Sole Meunière

Sous Vide Sole Meuniere

The idea here was simple, apply a modern French technique to a French classic. I lightly salted two cleaned flatfish and bagged them along with slices of lemon and sprigs of parsley. They went into the Sous Vide Supreme for half an hour at 60 degrees C.

Because the fish is usually floured and pan fried, I decided to reproduce the crisp edges by caramelizing panko in butter. The sauce was just some browned butter whisked together with lemon juice. When the fish was done, I opened the bag up, discarded the lemon and parsley, then slid the fish right onto a platter. The caramelized panko got sprinkled on top and then the sauce was drizzled over everything.

At least that’s how the dish was supposed to go. In reality I got lazy at the last minute and decided to just add lemon juice to the browned butter and panko rather than try and fish the panko out first. Of course the lemon juice soaked into the breadcrumbs rendering them soggy and the sauce didn’t emulsify quite as planned.

Still, the fish was irresistibly tender and absorbed the rich tangy sauce like a sponge. The panko, while failing in the texture department provided a wonderful nutty toasted bread flavor, which if you closed your eyes could almost pass for breading on the fish itself.

Next time, I’ll do it right.

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  • Mark

    always nice to see someone blog about recipes that didn’t quite work, just had a very good version of this in belgium, here’s a photo for reference:

    • Marc Matsumoto

      I figure we learn more from our failures than our successes, plus I don’t wan’t to give the impression that cooking without recipes isn’t without it’s failures:-)

  • CJ at Food Stories

    I, too, blog even when they don’t work out … Nice to see the same :-)

  • Paul Li

    I usually SV with a Zip Loc bag and just double seal the edges, in a large cooler i add water until it’s about 2-3 deg above what i want and circulate the water using a submersible pump. works a treat but a bit of faffing about, but heaps cheaper than buying the SVS.


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