White Curry

White Curry

We’ve all heard of green curry and red curry but have you ever wondered about making curries in other colors? After having an awesome meal at Candlenut Kitchen in Singapore, I was inspired by Chef Malcolm Lee’s white curry and decided to try making my own. Check out this week’s post over at Fresh Tastes for my White Curry Recipe.

  • Anonymous

    I love curries of all kinds – never heard of white curry. Maybe I’ll give this one a try – looks fantastic. Singapore sounds amazing…

  • http://twitter.com/laura_howtocook laura scott

    Hi, I would love to give this dish a go. I eat so much curry and api cy food it is always god to try out new variations on things, Thanks! :-)

  • Anna Maria

    Beautiful blog. Your photography is stunning and your desserts sound divine.  How about a few more vegetarian dishes? I can’t wait to try the Honey Lemon Cauliflower and the Crispy Zucchini Fritters… they both look great. I love japanese cuisine and we frequent a few restaurants in Melbourne that serve up some delicious vegetarian offerings. I haven’t been to it for a while, but Misuzu’s in Albert Park used to serve up some really delicious dishes using combinations of western and japanese ingredients. Their salads were bliss. 

    Thanks for the recipes and advice and happy cooking!


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