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Green Tomato Mint Salad

I’ve always loved using green fruit and vegetables to make salads and green tomatoes are no exception. This vibrant green salad features crisp green tomatoes and mint toss with a simple lemon dressing and feta. It makes for a delightfully refreshing side that screams SPRING! Head over to PBS Food for my full post and … Continue reading “Green Tomato Mint Salad”

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Scrambled Egg Salad Sandwich

It may not look like much more than scrambled eggs between two slices of bread, but this scrambled egg salad sandwich is amazing. It has all the awesome flavors of an egg salad sandwich but because you don’t need to boil, peel and chop the eggs, it comes together in about 5 minutes. Head over to … Continue reading “Scrambled Egg Salad Sandwich”

Chop Suey

My tips and tricks for making the best Chop Suey, an easy stir-fry of vegetables and meat with a light sauce on a bed of noodles or rice.

Spicy Cucumber and Tomato Salad

This spicy cucumber and tomato salad was inspired by the original bang-bang chicken both in flavor and preparation. The unique method of preparing the cucumbers makes them absorb the spicy flavors of the dressing like a sponge. Head over to PBS Food for my full post and recipe for this Spicy Cucumber and Tomato Salad.

Shiromiso Tonjiru (Pork and White Miso Soup)

A quick, delicious Japanese pork and miso soup, Tonjiru (豚汁) comes together in under 30 minutes and is hearty enough to serve as an entree.


Ultra-creamy mashed potatoes with sweet scallions, butter and milk, Champ is an easy Irish side that goes great with anything.

Key Lime Pie

This is the best Key Lime Pie, and the 3 ingredient filling doesn't need to be baked thanks to a neat trick.

Fava Bean Mushroom Chili

This mushroom and fava bean chili is so rich and flavorful you could easily miss the fact that it's plant-based. Minced mushrooms not only add a bunch of flavor, they also give this chili a meaty texture.

Sparerib Daikon Curry

With fall-off-the-bone tender spareribs and juicy daikon, this curry melds West Asian spices with East Asian flavors.