I know, I missed St Patrick’s day by a few days, but this Champ was so good, that I couldn’t wait another year to share it with you all. To explain just how good this was, let me tell you a little story about the day I made it. When I’m developing recipes, I usually … Continue reading “Champ”

From the archives

Katsuobushi Shortbread Cookies

  For those of you that know what Katsuobushi is, don’t worry, I have not lost my mind. For those that don’t know what katsuobushi is, it’s smoked, aged and dried skipjack tuna which is most commonly used to make Japanese dashi stock. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking, but let me give you … Continue reading “Katsuobushi Shortbread Cookies”

The Perfect Frittata

As a fan of savory breakfasts, I love egg dishes. Whether their poached, boiled, scrambled or sunny-side up, for me, eggs are the perfect way to get the day started. But as much as I love eggs, I’ve never really been able to get into frittatas. Sure, I make them on occasion(mostly upon request), but … Continue reading “The Perfect Frittata”

Beef Stroganoff

Growing up, my mom was undeniably the queen of the kitchen. Although my step-dad owned Thanksgiving, I can count the number of times he cooked dinner each year, on one hand. On the rare occasions he did cook, Beef Stroganoff was a perennial favorite, and something I crave to this day. It wasn’t fancy but … Continue reading “Beef Stroganoff”

Lemon Banana Muffins

I’ve never been a huge fan of muffins. Although they look a bit like unfrosted cupcakes, most muffins are a far cry from their distant sweet cousins. White cupcakes are sweet, moist, flavorful and fluffy, muffins are often, tough, dry, and flavorless. They’re a bit like the American version of scones. But like scones, muffins … Continue reading “Lemon Banana Muffins”

Yuzu Marinated Mushrooms

These yuzu marinated mushrooms are ridiculously good. First they’re roasted to concentrate their umami, then they’re marinated in a sweet yuzu and soy sauce dressing. It makes for a great topping on salads, or a salty appetizer to go with glass of sake. Head over to PBS Food for my full post and recipe.

On Air: Biz Buzz Japan: Fresh Appeal of Aged Foods

We’ve all heard of dry-aged beef, but did you know other foods can benefit from aging? It may sound counterintuitive, but aged sushi is all the rage in Japan these days as are other foods like, coffee, vegetables, etc. In this episode of BizBuzz Japan, we delve into the curious trend of aging food. Check out the schedule below for air times in your area. NHK World can be seen around the world on cable and satellite TV, but you can also watch it on your computer, iOS or Android device as well.

Sparerib Oden

Oden is the quintessential Japanese comfort food. With meat, tofu, daikon, boiled eggs, and konnyaku simmered in dashi stock, it will warm you up from the inside out.

On Air: Bento Expo Episode 2

It’s time for another episode of Bento Expo. On this episode, I turn a leftover meatloaf into a sandwich bento with quick-pickled red onions, potato salad and Furikake seasoned broccoli. My guest Maki Ogawa prepares a tamagoyaki bento, and we check out delicious looking bentos from Italy, Singapore, and the UK. Update 1/24/2016: Incase you missed it, this episode as well as the others are now available on demand. NHK World can be seen around the world on cable and satellite TV, but you can also watch it on your computer, iOS or Android device as well.