Well, it snuck right past me, but as it turns out, last Monday was the first anniversary of this blog. Sure, there were a few orphan posts predating March 9th, 2008, but that was when I resolved to turn this blog into something more than a haphazard repository of my culinary pontifications.

As such (and because it’s my birthday), I’m headed to New Orleans for a few days of rain and relaxation. Fear not though, I’ve queued up posts for each day that I’m gone so you don’t get bored. I’ve also gathered a few stats for all you numbers junkies.

There have been 241 posts since this blog went live; that’s about 1 post every 1.5 days. You’ve commented on those posts 3,373 times; about 14 comments per post. Best of all, over a quarter million of you have felt it worth while to check out this blog, and considering that 20% of that number have come by in the past month, I have big hopes for the future:-)

Thanks for making this such a fun endeavor!