Learn to pick the right cut of meat, the right pan and the right oil for cooking a perfect steak.

As a food blogger, I love conveying my message through words. As a photographer, I love capturing my message in images. But with some things, like cooking, you need to hear the sounds, smell the aromas, taste the flavors and feel the ingredients with your hands to really get the full picture. Unfortunately my experiments with inventing a device to broadcast the later three things haven’t been very successful. Luckily, there’s video, which helps me convey some of those things with the addition of motion and sound. That’s why I try to do video to accompany my posts as much as my schedule allows.

Since it’s always been my philosophy that anyone can cook well without a recipe by understanding a few basic techniques, I figured what better way to get started than to show you how to make the perfect steak. After all, what could be more basic than cooking meat? It’s been around since man started chasing his fellow mammals around with spears, and eating a juicy medium-rare steak satisfies on such a primal level.

But as simple as a steak may seem, it’s important to understand a few basic things about the laws of thermodynamics. They are after all, what separates a raw slab of flesh from a superlative steak. Check out the latest episode of No Recipes to see how I make the perfect steak.