I often get asked about how you can tell if fish is safe to eat raw. When I hear about people going to the supermarket and buying fish to use for sushi, it makes me cringe, and I often wonder how many of those people wake up the next morning with a tummy-ache… or worse. That’s why I wrote a post about the Sushi Grade myth for PBS a while back. The problem is that most countries have no history of eating fish raw, so there’s very little knowledge(even amongst fish markets) about how fish needs to be handled in order to be safe to eat raw. This is compounded by the high prices that sushi commands, leading to unscrupulous markets selling their seafood as “sushi-grade” when it really should be cooked.

That’s why I was so excited to hear about Luxe Gourmets, an online shop specializing in fish intended to be eaten raw. When they asked me to do a few recipes for their website, I jumped at the chance, so over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some of them with you guys.

This one was one of my absolute favorites. With tender cubes of ultra creamy ōtoro (tuna belly) seared until crisp on the outside, they literally burst into a briny pool of creamy tuna as you bite through the crisp crust. Paired with some sweet kabocha gnocchi and a grilled lemon emulsion, it’s a fancy looking dish that’s not nearly as complicated as it sounds. Head over to Luxe Gourmet’s Recipe Blog to check out my full post and recipe:

Crispy Otoro Cubes with Kabocha Gnocchi