Last week I ordered a new kitchen torch. Not one of those oversized lighters that are sometimes passed off as a torch, but a bonafide, screw-onto-a-can-of-butane-and-melt-stuff-in-a-flash blow torch.

The morning my torch showed up, I happend to have soaked some stale bread in in egg, milk and maple syrup the night before. The overnight soak gives the French toast a custardy interior and fries up in butter with a crusty exterior. Given its similar make up to a crème brûlée, and my burning desire to fire up my new toy, I dusted on some sugar and torched away. My conclusions?

The first conclusion was that bruléed French toast is pretty awesome, you can get the full recipe over at PBS Food this week. The second conclusion was that screw-on torch heads that attach directly to butane cassettes are far superior to the small refillable ones. If you happen to be in the market for a torch for your kitchen, I highly recommend this type because they put out a lot more BTUs than the dinky “kitchen torches”, allowing you to caramelize sugar or sear the surface of meat without overcooking what lies beneath. Mine is an Iwatani and you can get one here on Amazon for only $30.