Lamb salad with mint, green peaches and mizuna greens. A quick summer meal with a Southeast Asian twist.

After a long hiatus from YouTube, I’m back with a new camera and lighting equipment:-) This was a quick salad I threw together using a couple lamb steaks, green peaches (yep you read that right), mint and mizuna greens. Somewhere between a British sunday dinner and a Southeast Asian salad, this quick meal comes together in less than 10 minutes and is spot on for the sweltering heat we got here in New York over the weekend.

The salad of mizuna and mint dressed in lime juice and fish sauce is light and refreshing, but the lamb adds just enough substance to save you from a bout of midnight munchies just before bed. The green peaches might sound odd at first, but they add a wonderful crunchy texture to the salad, and the tart floral aroma is the perfect counterpoint to the fresh mint and earthy lamb.

Lamb and Mint Salad Notes.

Since these videos are all about cooking without recipes, I’m not including one, but here are some notes to help you improvise your own salad.


I went with a Southeast Asian theme, using lime juice and fish sauce to compliment the mint, but this would be equally good with lemon juice or vinegar for the acid and salt, miso, or soy sauce for the savory component. I’ve even been known to mash up Japanese salted plums (umeboshi) or capers for my dressing. The key to a great dressing is to get the right balance between the salt, sweet, and sour tastes. Taste it as you make it and adjust each flavor using ingredients in your pantry.


I’m not a huge fan of lettuce in salads, but I’m also not sure you can legitimately call something a salad without putting something green in it (I’m looking at YOU macaroni salad). I like using more flavorful greens such as arugula, mizuna, or mâche, as the base of my salads. Make your salad with your favorite lettuce, or if you’re feeling creative, try using kale, bok choy, or some other non-traditional green.


This isn’t necessary, but for me, I get hungry after a few hours if I don’t put some protein in a salad. You could use any kind of meat here such as chicken, beef or pork, but if you’re vegetarian, you could also use tofu, cheese, or nuts.


This is where your salad gets its flavor from. I used mint, but you could use other herbs such as thai basil, tarragon or dill. Or try adding aromatics such as roasted garlic or caramelized onions to your dressing.


I like having a variety of textures in my salads, so I used green peaches for texture in this salad. It also served as an aromatic. You could just as easily use crispy bean sprouts, crunchy cucumbers, or crackly fried rice noodles. Think about what textures you enjoy in a salad and have fun here.