Adventures in eating from Noryanjin Fish Market in Seoul, Korea. We try live octopus (sanakji)

Despite being up for almost thirty hours the day before, there’s nothing like jet-lag to get you up at 5am. Since it was still dark outside and there wasn’t much going on in Insadong, we decided to head over to Noryanjin Fish Market (노량진수산시장) to watch the fish auctions and grab a bite to eat.

It’s like a bigger, less hectic version of Tsjukiji market in Tokyo, and the people are much nicer. There’s also a lot more live seafood in tanks, and we decided to make a breakfast out of Tai Snapper (참돔생선회 – Ch’amdom Saengseon Hoe) and live octopus (산낙지 – Sannakji)

We found a vendor with very lively looking fish and octopus, pointed, and the next thing we know, we were being sent in the dirction of some stairs that took us to the basement level where they served prepared the live octopus and make a hot pot out of the leftover bones and head of the snapper.

Noryanjin Fish Market.

13-8 Noryangjin-dong Daehanmin-guk (대한민국 서울 동작구 노량진1동 13-8.

phone: 02-814-2211

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