Watch the video and learn how to make these simple delicious potato pancakes.

Back in April of 2010, I got a call from Good Bite about contributing recipes to a cookbook they were working on. I’d just turned down a deal for my own cookbook, and wasn’t sure I wanted to tie myself up working on a book project.

But after hearing about some of the awesome contributors to the book such as Jaden Hair from Steamy Kitchen, Matt Armandariz from Matt Bites, and Elise Bauer from Simply Recipes, I told them to count me in. Well, it’s been over a year in the making, but the Good Bite Weeknight Meals cookbook is finally out, which includes 10 of my dishes amongst the 120 simple delicious recipes between its covers.

To celebrate the launch of the book, the folks over at Good Bite asked me to pick my favorite recipe from the book, and make it for all of you to see. It was a tough call, but I ended up choosing Todd’s Potato Pancakes by Todd Porter and Diane Cu of White On Rice Couple. It’s utterly uncomplicated and yet it uses whole ingredients and tastes amazing!

Check out the video below and then pick up a copy of the book!