Enter Peanut Butter Co. They make the perfect all-natural peanut butter, because they flavor their PB with good stuff like like cane juice, maple syrup, salt, and vanilla, while omitting all the crap you can’t pronounce. I also love that they have ten flavors with catchy names like The Bee’s Knees, and Mighty Maple.

Historically I haven’t been a big fan of “fancy” peanut butter because most of them don’t add sugar or salt. Since I grew up on Skippy, it just doesn’t taste right to me unless it’s been flavored. The problem with most common grocery store brands of peanut butter is that they include a long list of additives that don’t belong in food.

When Peanut Butter Co commissioned me to create five dishes for them using their peanut butter, I was excited, not just because these guys thought my recipes were good enough to be used to promote their products, but because they were going to send me free bottles of ALL their different flavors to experiment with!

The first dish (and probably one of the best things I’ve made all year), is up on their website now. It’s a sandwich filled with hoisin glazed pork belly, cucumber, cilantro, scallions, and a spicy peanut butter spread. Get the full recipe here.