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Croissant Breakfast Sandwich

Little details make the difference between a soggy breakfast sandwich from a bodega and this flaky croissant breakfast sandwich with lox and cucumbers.
Course Brunch, Sandwich
Cuisine American
Level Beginner
Main Ingredient Egg, Fish
Diet Pescatarian


  • 2 eggs
  • 2 ounces salmon smoked
  • 1 cucumber Persian sliced


  1. Put your croissant in a 350 degree F oven and toast until the outside is crispy (be careful not to burn it!).
  2. Make the scrambled eggs how you like them. I usually add a bit of cream, salt and pepper and whisk, then pour it into a well buttered pan over medium low heat. I like big fluffy curds that are still slightly soft, so I'll let it cook undistrubed until the bottom starts turning opaque, then I give a quick stir, and let the bottom set again before giving a it a final stir and plating. You want the egg a little softer than how you want to eat it as the residual heat will continue cooking the egg after it's been plated. If you want to add something like cheese, or truffles, add it in between the first and second stir.
  3. Slice your toasted croissant in half, then top with the egg. I like serving this with a layer of smoked salmon, but bacon, sausage or ham work well too. I also topped this with some sliced cucumber for a bit of crunch, but you could omit, or use other greens.
  4. Other things I love adding to this sandwich are avocado, tomatoes and/or creamy goat cheese.