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Best Way to Chop an Onion

Here's how to chop an onion quickly, safely, and without waste. It's a modification on the traditional 3-axis chop that allows you to get small, even-sized pieces of onion right up to the root end, and it's faster than any other method that I've tried.
Course Basics


  • 1 onion


  • Prep the onion using the instructions above
  • Cut two to three slits from one side of the onion towards the center, but do not cut through the core.
    It'd better to cut the slits from the sides of the onion.
  • Cut two to three slits from the other side of the onion towards the center, leaving the core intact.
    Cutting slits in the side of the onion makes it easier to chop.
  • Cut vertical slits into the onion almost to the root end. The closer you space these slits, the smaller your onions will get chopped.
    Cutting vertical slits in an onion.
  • Turn the onion and chop perpendicular to the vertical slits you just made, all the way to the root end.
    When the slits are cut from the sides the onion is easier to dice.
  • Flatten the root end and trim any remaining onion off the root.