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I’m not really much of a chocolate guy. At restaurants, when it comes time for dessert I’ll almost always opt for the fruit option. I am human though, and I do get an occasional chocolate craving. Perhaps it’s my body protesting all the times I’ve turned down the chocolate choice, but when the urge hits, I need an IV drip of chocolate stat!

Chocolate pudding is about the closest thing I can think of to an IV of chocolate. It’s spoonable and yet the moment the silken pudding hits your warm tongue, it liquifies into a pool of creamy chocolate decadence. This will sate even the most assiduous chocolate craving. Unfortunately, like most good things in life, your bowl of chocolate pudding will be quickly depleted, and it takes great restraint to stop yourself from getting a refill.

Dark Chocolate Pudding Recipe

Elitists may argue that a pot de creme is a superior way of delivering chocolate into your system, but I say nay. First of all, this chocolate pudding only takes about 15 minutes to make. I’d like to see someone pull off a 15 minute pot de creme.

Secondly, if you ate as much pot de creme as you want to, you’d probably fall dead on the spot of a heat attack. I’m not saying that this chocolate pudding is heathy, but being made from milk instead of cream helps, and being set with a combination of eggs and cornstarch instead of just eggs cuts back on the cholesterol. At least that’s what I tell myself as I lift spoon after spoon of this addiction inducing pudding into my mouth.

I made this chocolate pudding with Scharffen Berger cocoa and Valrhona chocolate, but any high quality chocolate and cocoa will do (and no, Hershey’s and Nestle don’t count as high quality). I also used chocolate buttons, which saves you time because they don’t need to be chopped first. Once made, this chocolate pudding will keep for up to a week in the fridge, and it makes great trifles with fresh rasberries or bananas.

Chocolate Pudding

makes 6-8 servings
2 cups whole milk
5 extra large egg yolks
1/3 cup sugar
1/4 cup cornstarch
2 tablespoons cocoa powder

5 ounces dark chocolate (70%)
1/4 cup heavy cream
1 tablespoon unsalted butter
2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Put the milk in a small sauce pan over medium heat until it’s steaming and there are small bubbles coming up around the edges (but not boiling).

Meanwhile, put the egg yolks and sugar into the bowl of an electric mixer with a whisk attachment and beat at medium high speed until the eggs are a shiny pale yellow color (about 2 minutes). Add the cornstarch and cocoa and whisk until the mixture is smooth.

With the mixer running over low speed, slowly drizzle the hot milk in along the edge of the bowl, being careful not to splash the hot milk. Once the mixture is smooth, rinse your pan out (get rid of any milk solids that have formed) and put the mixture back in the pan over medium low heat. Stir constantly with a heat-proof silicon spatula until the mixture is very thick being careful to scrape the whole bottom of the pan as you mix so your pudding doesn’t burn.

Remove the chocolate pudding from the heat, then add the chocolate, stirring until the chocolate is melted and combined. Finish with the cream, butter and vanilla and stir to combine. Serve the pudding warm or let it cool off and refrigerate in an airtight container.

  • ~Citra~

    Hmm…I’m about to make chocolate pudding for dessert tonight and I saw this…. Yummy one recipe, thx for sharing ^_^

  • the indolent cook

    I am much the same. I don’t go for chocolate options very often but then at some point the urge hits and I will buy a block of chocolate and devour it! This pudding looks like a great alternative.

  • Laura Vincent

    Oh, delicious! I tend to avoid chocolate desserts in restaurants…not because I don’t like it, but they’re often a bit disappointing – too sugary or rich or obviously bought in. Your pudding looks gorgeous – I’d probably just be eating it out of the pot!

  • Blog is the New Black

    The only pudding I’ve ever made is out of a box! ;) Looks wonderful.

  • Bailey Yamamoto

    I used to look forward to my mothers choco pudding… it is such a special treat… never stopped to realize there is so many egg yolks. Nice contrast with the chocolate shavings…

  • tami

    This….looks….AMAZING. I had wanted to make chocolate pudding for my NYE dinner and was too under the weather to do much but the basics. Such a stunning photo, too. Thank you for sharing :)

  • Celia Muller

    Good call on the good chocolate! I would always go gaga over my mom’s cornstarch pudding made just with Hershey’s cocoa – might have to try this adult version soon…

  • megan @ whatmegansmaking

    Your description totally sold me. I’m so making this! Maybe for valentine’s day, if I can hold off that long!

  • Rachel (S[d]OC)

    I do love homemade chocolate pudding. It’s comfort food that can’t be equalled in a box. Apologies to Bill Cosby.

  • CherylK

    Oh my, this does look gorgeous! Haven’t made homemade pudding in a very long time and as soon as I can find that high quality chocolate, you can bet I’ll be whipping up a batch or two of this.

  • Peter G

    Mmmm…love what you have done here Marc! It looks so silky and gorgeous! Happy 2011!

  • Sharlene

    Chocolate pudding is one of my favorite ways to get my craving under control. I love the idea of using cornstarch as a thickener!

  • Rhonda

    So I’m not the only human that doesn’t constantly crave chocolate? Good to know. But when I do get the craving, watch out…and I’m thinking “lasts up to 1 week” is probably an exaggeration (especially if there are any chocoholics around).

  • Jun

    This is a big help to my constant chocolate craving.

  • onlinepastrychef

    I’m right with you, Marc. I tend to make pudding as a snack on a frighteningly regular basis. And if all one has is Hershey’s or Nestle, I hope that they’d give this a shot anyway. After all, homemade w/Nestle or Hershey is better than anything out of a carton from the grocery! :)

  • Medifast Coupons

    Creamy chocolate decadence doesn’t even begin to describe this bowl of heaven! This is chocolate at its finest, really wonderful recipe.

  • emii

    Thanks for sharing this!! Just made this & it’s absolutely delicious! Can’t wait for tonight when I’ll be adding it to the crepes & macerated raspberries!

  • Lefty

    Chocolate IV. Yes, that sounds nice.

    Man, despite the site name, your recipes are absolutely brilliant and the photos are stunning.

  • Sarah

    Do you think this would work with soymilk, coconut milk, or almond milk? My family doesn’t like cow milk.

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely, I use soy and rice milk all the time.

    • Cubsfans

      I wish he would have replied to your comment.  Have you tried it with the substitutes?  I have everything in my house except for the milk and cream (I do have coconut and almond milk).

      • Marc Matsumoto

        I’m not sure what you mean by not replying to the comment, if you expand the thread I posted a response 11 months ago shortly after the original commenter asked the question. As for coconut milk and almond milk I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. 

  • rita

    chocolate IV? i’m all for it! especially, if it’s dark chocolate – and, i agree. no hershey’s or nestle’s. that looks more like a ganache, and i’m not complaining, either.

  • Anonymous

    Um, yeah. Pudding.
    Like the silkiest hug ever. Am hoping my chocoholic husband doesn’t glimpse this post, or I’m totally going to have to indulge in some pudding making myself ;)

  • Maria

    I’m not a chocolate lover either, but I do love chocolate pudding! I had an urge to make the stuff last week when the kids were home from school but didn’t get around to it. Perhaps I’ll use your recipe and finally get to it this weekend.

  • Nipponnin

    Always great photos! I just love looking at them.
    This is not an ordinaly chocolate pudding.
    I definitely will try this recipe. Thanks!

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  • Tastes of Home (Jen)

    I am usually a fruit person when it comes to desserts too but this chocolate pudding sounds and looks decadently delicious! Thanks for the recipe.

  • Hallie

    If Pie is 2010, I say Pudding is 2011.

  • Foivi Geller
  • Honeybeecooksjackfruit

    Gorgeous! Im craving some chocolate pudding myself….. but I can take chocolate in any form. :D

  • Manley H

    I recently just started following you and I love your blog! The pictures are beautiful and you have a pleasant way of writing. I may just try this out, hope it turns out well!

  • David Tree

    I’ve made this twice in the past week and it is excellent!

  • tomo

    you have a very nice chocolate pudding photos up there. looks delicious and tempting

  • Elboz51

    can this pudding also be used for a cake filling

    • Marc Matsumoto

      It’s probably a little loose to fill a cake, you’ll probably need to
      add a bit more cornstarch to give it some body if you’re using it to
      fill a cake. But I think it would taste delicious in a cake!

  • Kiley

    made this tonight for a small dinner party & it was fabulous! Thank you so much!!!

  • DarciC

    Having two chocoholics in the house and admittedly being one myself this would be great to make for a quick fix.  I can make sure I have all this on hand (most already is).  Thanks!!!

  • Liji Nair

    hii….yr recipe sounds dilicious…how do one add the dark we have to melt the dark chocolate bars and then add it to the mixture?-Liji

    • Marc Matsumoto

      Thanks! Nope, no need to melt the chocolate first since it is going into the hot custard it will melt as you stir it.

  • Autum17895

    You just said you never add cream. But then why is it mentioned in the ingredients? 

    • Marc Matsumoto

      I’m not sure where you read that I never use cream, but if you’re referring to the part where I say this is made with milk instead of cream I’m comparing it to Pot de Creme which is made entirely of cream. 

      • IWC

        The basic pudding is made with whole milk.  But your last instruction is “Finish with the cream, butter and vanilla and stir to combine. Serve the
        pudding warm or let it cool off and refrigerate in an airtight
        container.”  That’s the 1/4 cup cream you list in the recipe.  Can whole milk be substituted here, too?  Or low fat cream?

        • Marc Matsumoto

          Yep, the original commenter was saying I stated I never use cream, which is not what I wrote. You can certainly substitute milk for the small amount of cream in the recipe, but then I would just increase the initial amount of milk to 2 1/4 cups so you don’t have to worry about adding it in at the end. 

  • Lynnfrbs1

    Hi Marc: if i make this the day before, can I heat the pudding to serve on Christmas Eve?

    • Marc Matsumoto

      You may need to add a bit more milk if it gets too thick. Also I’d reheat it in a double boiler to prevent burning, if that’s too much of a hassle, microwaving on low should work, just microwave a few times stirring between each time.

  • Guillem Xanxo

    Amazing taste, now I can say I’ve discovered chocolate pudding. And it’s so freaking easy to prepare! Just one question, is there some advice to avoid this “skin” that is made when you let it cool down? maybe like pastry cream with a film touching it…

    • Tipkendundot

      You can put plastic wrap directly on top of the pudding to keep the skin from forming. It happens when it gets in contact with the air.

  • Julianisabeast

    hey Marc I’m 11 and I’m watching you on chopped and your food looks great they are yummy too. i eat them every day. I want to be like you when i grow up. and i went to the Japanese table too 

    • Marc Matsumoto

      Hi Julian, thanks for your note! I’ve loved cooking since I was around your age, so anything is possible:-) Good luck!

      • Heather

        OMG you were on Chopped and I missed it?! How’d you do???

  • Denise

    I think you say nay otherwise you’ be a horse! Nice blog.

    • Marc Matsumoto

      Nice catch, thanks!

  • Cheryl

    I love your blog. Seriously. I chose to read your recipes instead of napping, and that means a lot since my baby girl wakes up at least 5 times a night to nurse! Going to make the bean curry tonight!

    • Marc Matsumoto

      Hahaha thanks! I’d definitely opt for the nap, so I get it:-)

  • Tasha

    This pudding is deeelicious! I think it would be amazing in an oreo crust w/ whipped cream. I followed the recipe exactly and it turned out perfectly. Just don’t get worried while it’s cooking- be patient, keep stirring and scraping and the lumpiness that happens smooths out into a silky, decadent dream. Thanks, Marc!

  • Katie

    This recipe looks amazing and I am hoping to use this in the rehabilitation community center I’m work at. Naturally, I have to make things in large quantities and I was wondering how it does when I double or triple the recipe. Also, how long does it keep? Thanks again for posting this and I can’t wait to try it in my kitchen!

  • Rachel

    Hi Marc! Looks really good, I want to try this out! However, do help me out, is the ‘cornstarch’ in your recipe the same as ‘cornflour’?

    • Marc Matsumoto

      Hi Rachel, the term cornflour means different things in different countries so I’m not really sure. Cornstarch is a fine white powder that’s made from the starch of corn. It is not dried and ground corn (usually more coarse and off white or yellow in color).

  • Ernest

    How would Potato starch work here, 1:1 ratio with Corn starch?

  • Food Lover

    It looks so mouthwatering!

  • ashthecat15

    Wow I just made this pudding, and it’s incredible!

    • Marc Matsumoto

      Thanks! Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

      Sent from Mailbox for iPhone

  • Zee

    How do you think Splenda would work?

    • Marc Matsumoto

      Hi Zee, there’s no structural reason why it would not work. Personally I’m not a fan of Splenda among sugar substitutes, but since you’re asking, I’m assuming you’re already using it so that shouldn’t be a problem.


    Cheers Mate!! Going to give this one a go ASAP!!

  • Stasia

    I just made this pudding for a pie and it was worth the extra effort! It is so rich, creamy, and divine. I used the leftover heavy cream and whipped it up with some powdered sugar and coconut extract. On an oreo crust I did a layer of half the pudding, a layer of the rest of the pudding folded with half the whipped cream, and a final layer of the rest of the whipped cream. It is delicious! Thank you for the recipe!

    • Marc Matsumoto

      Hi Stasia, that sounds delicious! Glad to hear the pudding helped:-) I bet it looked great too!

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  • Priscilla

    Hi Marc! I’m glad that I’m not the only one who always picks the fruity desserts at restaurants! =D I made it today for my friends who love chocolate and it tastes great! However the pudding sets very fast and by the time I pour it in individual glasses, it’s not lustrous as yours. I had to use a spoon to smoothen the top surface to make it more even but still isn’t that presentable. Any suggestion?

    • Marc Matsumoto

      Hi Priscilla, it does tend to form a skin when cooled. To avoid this, you can try placing a piece of plastic wrap directly against the surface of the pudding. This should prevent the skin from forming. You could also just pour it into your serving dishes while the pudding is still warm, and then refrigerate them until you’re ready to serve.

  • ian peter

    looks delightful and pleasant


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