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Umé Juice


How to prepare chilled Japanese Sōmen (素麺,そうめん), with a traditional dash-based dipping sauce and condiments. The perfect cooling summer noodle dish.

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Blue Mashed Potatoes

Before you go making faces wondering if I’ve lost my mind, rest assured that I haven’t just dumped blue dye into regular mashed potatoes. These blue mashed potatoes are essentially Colcannon, except instead of using regular cabbage, I’ve used red cabbage. The cabbage is cooked in milk to extract its color. Then the colored milk … Continue reading “Blue Mashed Potatoes”

Eggplant with Red Pepper Relish

With summer finally here and the farmer’s markets filling up with delectably ripe fruits and vegetables, my dinner table has been a rainbow of colors as of late. This dish was inspired by my Caponata and is loaded with creamy eggplant topped with a vibrant confetti of crisp sweet bell pepper relish. It makes for … Continue reading “Eggplant with Red Pepper Relish”

Chewy Hot Fudge

Ultra buttery and chocolatey this hybrid hot fudge starts off as a caramel sauce, giving it a magical texture that's both molten and chewy.

Ponzu Chia Dressing

With it’s combination of yuzu and soy sauce, ponzu is perhaps one of my favorite condiments. The problem is that it doesn’t make a great dressing because it’s so thin. You could shake it with oil but I’m just not a big fan of oil in dressings. Chia seeds with their room temperature gelling ability … Continue reading “Ponzu Chia Dressing”

Better Orange Chicken

A triple dose of orange and big juicy pieces of ginger marinated chicken are the tricks to my easy Orange Chicken. Way better than Chinese take-out.

Mentsuyu (Japanese Noodle Soup Base)

Mentsuyu is an easy 4-ingredient Japanese seasoning used for making dipping sauces for cold noodles, hot noodle soups, dressings, stir-fries and stews.

Maitake Steak with Yogurt Sauce

I’ve always loved the intense meaty flavor of maitake mushrooms, but did you know they’re one of the few food based sources of Vitamin D? It’s a vitamin our bodies need to absorb calcium, so by pairing it with a calcium-rich yogurt sauce, this mushroom steak not only tastes delicious, it’s good for your bones … Continue reading “Maitake Steak with Yogurt Sauce”

Sunomono (Japanese Cucumber Salad)

This easy Japanese sunomono uses just a handful of ingredients but has a great crunchy texture and sweet and sour flavor thanks to a few simple tricks.