Steak with Brie

Steak with Brie and Mushrooms

For many, there’s a direct relationship between fancy food and effort. But with a few quality ingredients, it’s not difficult to make a dinner-party-worthy dish in less time than it takes to order a pizza. This steak with cheese and mushrooms is incredibly simple and yet the melted Brie turns into a luscious sauce that adds richness to the lean filet. Together with mushrooms sautéd with the caramelized beef juices, and you have a ten-minute dish that wouldn’t look out of place on a three star menu. Head over to PBS for my full post and recipe.

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  • Carlos V

    Hi Marc, i plan on doing this today but im preety sure im not going to be able to get thos tipe of mushroom where i usually do my shoping. I will probably find the regular kind fresh, plus can ones, plus portobello thats about it, any sugestions?.

    • Marc Matsumoto

      Any mushrooms would work fine. Just use a mix of fresh mushrooms for flavor and texture.

      • Carlos V

        Thank you very much, its was a very simple recipe. The brie plus the mushrooms play a great match in your mouth, one smooth and silky an the other trying to add texture.

        Me and my wife where very please with this recipe.

        Now I wiull try to make more complicated dishes, on the japanese side of the recipe box.

        thanks again


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