Dear friends,

I get a lot of emails from you each week with questions, praise and the occasional criticism. Amongst them are a few asking if I have a book you can buy to help support the site. My response is always the same: Writing a book is a long-term commitment, during which time I wouldn’t be able to post as frequently to this site. Instead of disappearing for two years and coming out with a tome of recipes, I’d rather focus my energy on providing a steady stream of quality material which everyone in the world can access at any time.

That said, there are real costs(ingredients, props, hosting, and a full day of my time) involved in creating and sharing these recipes with you, and unfortunately banner ads aren’t what they used to be. If you find my work here useful and want to make a contribution to support the site you can send a donation using PayPal to the following address.

Your generosity is appreciated!

Marc Matsumoto